Plan a Wedding Want to become a Wedding Planner ?

Course Description

If you are looking to build your career in wedding planning or to become an entrepreneur this course helps you to explore creative side in you

The wedding industry that is in badly need of more youngsters and enthusiastic professionals like you to take the industry to the next level by making an unorganized sector to organized

What You’ll Learn?

  • Creatively ideate, organize, and plan a wedding, present the plan to the prospective bride and groom
  • Handle crisis arising during weddings calmly and professionally
  • Understand different wedding traditions and customs, and their impact on wedding celebrations
  • Understand all logistical and creative elements involved in organising a wedding
  • Work on best practices, case studies, and provide excellent service
  • Prepare and execute planned and well-organized wedding checklists
  • Present a financial budget to clients, chalk out a wedding plan based on the tight budget/master the art of convincing the client to increase their budget based on the creative concept and ideas presented.

What are you waiting for? Jump the bandwagon and register your slot before you regret.

Course Curriculum

Our aim is to build as many professional wedding planners with the touch of entrepreneurial experience and below are the details of the course

Spread across 3 months, 12 weekends,
24 days
  • Wedding industry overview
  • Startup ecosystem - Guest speaker

    Our distinguished guest speaker with over 20 years of extensive professional experience across diverse fields. His/her insights promise to be invaluable, offering a unique perspective that will provide clarity and guidance for entrepreneurs and job seekers alike. This is a rare opportunity to gain profound insights from a seasoned professional, shedding light on the intricacies of entrepreneurship and the journey of navigating the job market

  • Journey of an Entrepreneur
  • Your Role as a Certified Wedding planner
  • Running your own business
  • Art of pricing - How to convert business
  • Vendor Relationship
  • Wedding Cultures and Traditions
  • Wedding verticals
    1. Venue
    2. Décor
    3. Catering
    4. Photography & videography
    5. Other wedding essentials
  • Wedding day - Hits & Misses
  • Destination wedding - A unique offering
  • Guest speaker

    Our esteemed guest speaker is a renowned personality in the wedding industry. With an impressive track record of managing weddings for over 8 years, this seasoned professional has successfully orchestrated more than 800 weddings. His invaluable insights into the industry, coupled with his journey and strategies for navigating challenges and scaling to such heights, promise to be a feast for those eager to learn. It's a rare opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from a successful individual in the wedding domain, providing a unique perspective and invaluable lessons from their career story.

  • Social media & marketing
  • Legal - Understanding & Dealing with legalities in your business
  • Revenue Generation
  • Expanding your business offerings
  • Wedding planning certification
  • Guest speaker

    Unlock the secrets of successful salesmanship with our distinguished guest speaker, a seasoned sales professional with two decades of experience across various industries. Known for his hardcore sales expertise, he has mastered the art from selling a pin to an airplane. His unique and effective sales approach has set him apart in the field.

    Gain insights into the strategies and best practices that have fueled his success. Whether you're a novice or seasoned professional, his wisdom will undoubtedly elevate your sales game. Don't miss this opportunity to discover what it takes to transform your sales process, gain momentum, and become a standout salesperson.

  • Technology - How technology helps you to scale your business
  • Live weddings - Understand , Learn and manage
  • Assessment